Fans are moving Half-Life: Alyx to Minecraft.

Fans of video games often do strange things. And if the idea of playing the VR adventure of Half-Life: Alyx with a keyboard and mouse without a headset may seem strange to someone, how about trying it out in a completely different secret? Recently a team of modders decided to transfer Valve’s novelty to Minecraft. All of it. The whole thing.

TerraForged Mod will offer you a new kind of world generation that will be characterized by the elaboration of many details, noticeable realism and creation of a more exciting atmosphere.

“I’d like to present you a project that aims to transfer the entire Half-Life: Alyx game to Minecraft. In this video we’ve shown everything that’s already ready for the moment. In the future we plan to finish the first chapter and make available a demo of our map,” writes the developer of Half-Life: Alyx in Minecraft.

The video published by the developers shows a recreated introduction of the game – there are even NPCs that communicate with the hero in text chat. Also you can take a look at the vastness of cubic City-17 – even despite Minecraft’s inherent style, it is very similar to its prototype. It should be noted, that only two people work on the modification.