What is VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus (natural Viagra) is a nutritional supplement and male sexual performance enhancer, made from natural ingredients and with a unique formula in the market to treat erectile dysfunction. Because it is an organic product, it does not require a prescription, it is easy to take and has studies that have supported its effectiveness for years, as well as testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers. Before making the informed decision to buy VigRX Plus, find out below its ingredients, price, mode of administration, contraindications, how it differs from traditional medicines, how to buy it, and much more.

VigRX Plus Singapore

Purpose of VigRX Plus: VigRX Plus is a nutritional supplement, used to improve male sexual performance and as an alternative natural treatment of male sexual dysfunctions, especially erectile dysfunction.

What is it?

VigRX Plus is a nutritional supplement made from 100% natural ingredients, which is used as a sexual performance enhancer in adult men. It has several positive effects such as creating improvements in achieving and maintaining an erection in patients with erectile dysfunction, increasing resistance and energy during sexual activity, increasing libido and sexual appetite, and even increasing the size of the penis from 1 to 6 centimetres during an erection while the treatment with the supplement is being carried out.

Its complete formula of organic compounds used for years in ancient medicine gives it a safety and efficacy profile not easily achieved in the market. In addition, it has been endorsed by clinical studies published on its official website that attest to its good results.

Method of administration: The manufacturer’s recommended dose for taking VigRX Plus is one to two supplements, taken orally with a glass of water, divided into two main meals of the day. Usually, it has been suggested to take either one capsule 20 minutes before breakfast, and/or one capsule 20 minutes before dinner.

Available presentation: VigRX Plus comes in a box with 60 tablets, intended to cover one month of continuous treatment.

Price per tablet: VigRX Plus can be purchased directly from its manufacturers’ websites, and they often offer great deals and packages for several months of treatment for a price per tablet that can vary.

The price per tablet of VigRX Plus online is £1.10, in bottles containing 60 capsules. The cheap VigRX Plus 60 capsule bottle is priced at £65.95 on their official website.

Start of action: It is recommended to take VigRX Plus from 30 to 60 days to start seeing satisfactory results (its manufacturers even recommend, try it for 3 months), but there are men who have reported positive effects with less than 30 days of treatment.

Duration of action: The positive effects of VigRX Plus may be noticeable during the entire duration of treatment with the supplement.

Alteration with meals: No interaction between food intake and consumption of VigRX Plus has been reported. Even, the way to take VigRX Plus that is widely recommended is one tablet 20 minutes before a main meal.

Side Effects: VigRX Plus is a natural supplement singapore with a carefully balanced formula that has been perfected over the years; therefore, in itself it has no reports of side effects with its intake. However, some of its ingredients separately may produce certain mild adverse effects such as nausea, palpitations, agitation and allergic reactions to the components.

How does VigRX Plus work?

VigRX Plus has several natural ingredients, which together perform several functions. To better understand how it produces its effects on the male organism, we must briefly talk about each of its eleven main ingredients, and their benefits on sexual performance:

  • Asian Red Ginseng (200 mg): this extract has been used for centuries in ancient medicine for its aphrodisiac powers; in addition to increasing nitric oxide and blood flow to the entire body and thus, overall energy and vitality.
  • Saw Palmetto Berries (200 mg): these fruits increase the production of testosterone (the male sex hormone), and with it, virility and the ability to maintain an erection.
  • Hawthorn berries (200 mg): these fruits have powerful antioxidant and vasodilatory effects, which increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Gingko Biloba (200 mg): Gingko Biloba is present in most sexual performance enhancement supplements, and this is no coincidence. Its antioxidant effects optimize the body’s overall health; particularly, increased blood flow to the penis represents the ultimate step to a satisfying erection.
  • Damiana (200 mg): these leaves have also been used for years by d